Expert knowledge in Aircraft Structure and System Modifications: Engineering product design

The EFW Engineering has expert knowledge in design, justification and installation of primary and secondary aircraft structure and in the design, qualification and certification of electrical, avionic and mechanical cabin systems. Justification activities cover static strength and stiffness, fatigue life, crack propagation and damage tolerance calculations.

Furthermore it is well experienced in the engineering support for electrical, structural and system maintenance and troubleshooting covering also the definition, justification and approval of airframe repairs.


A fully digital process is supported from design to stress calculation using the state of the art software: CATIA V5 (design) and NASTRAN/PATRAN (Stress) with corresponding Product Lifecycle Management (Windchill) in-house, or externally also CATIA CADAM Drafting (CCD) V4, CATIA V4.

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From A300-600 ST “Beluga” to the Airbus flagship A380

  • Upper aft sections of A300-600 ST „Beluga”
  • A310MRTT Antenna and camera installation, avionic modification
  • A340-500 and A340-600 Static strength justification of shells and frames of
  • A310P2F/A300-600P2F Adaptation Engineering
  • A320 and A330 P2F conversion design (electrical part and floor panel)
  • EC 135 Flight Deck modification
  • Railway and Maritime Panel Development

EFW was responsible for design, justification and manufacturing of the shells and frames of the upper areas of the aft sections of the A300-600ST “Beluga” and some other parts in this area. This project was the very first to establish the basic knowledge about design and justification of primary aircraft structure.

Pax to Freighter conversion programs belong to the main activities of EFW Engineering. EFW is responsible for adaptation engineering and conversion support for A310/A300-600 P2F conversions, provided the complete electrical design for a former A320P2F conversion project and is actually integrated in electrical functional and installation design and also floor panel design for the A330P2F program.

Several activities were dedicated to the A310MRTT of the German and Canadian Air Forces. The conversion to the Multi-Role-Transport version and integration of the tanker kit for 6 aircraft was supported. Engineering was responsible for the integration design of new and updated avionic systems inclusive antenna installation and also for a special camera system to support the refueling activities during flight.

Furthermore, EFW Engineering was responsible for the static strength justification of the shells and frames of most of the forward sections of the A340-500 and A340-600.

EFW acts as risk sharing partner for the floor panels and lower cargo department linings of the A380 and the A350.

A flight deck modification for the helicopter EC 135 was performed and railway and maritime floor and lining panel were developed as activity outside the aircraft industry.

Aircraft Structure and System Modifications: At a Glance

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