Aircraft components: product data

Whenever you fly with an Airbus, you step on floor made in Dresden

Aircraft components
Dr. Egbert Gärtner

Aircraft components: product data

MaterialCFRP/GFRP sandwich components & laminates
MechanicsPanel design optimized for maximum stiffness, dynamic loads, peel strength and thermal insulation
Fire properties
fire resistance, smoke
and toxicity)
Acc. ABD0031
Resistant against specific environmental conditions (e. g. saltwater, high humidity, dry and hot climate)
WeightsPAX floor panel:
e. g. 2,5 kg/m²

Cargo floor panel:
e. g. 3,4 kg/m²

Cargo walls:
e. g.1,4 kg/m²
SizeUp to 2,90 m × 1,88 m
Thickness5 – 60 mm
According to customer requirements
FinishVarious decors/veneers: decor foil, paint, antiskid coat
CertificatesDelivered with EASA Form 1 or CoC
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