Aircraft components

Whenever you fly with an Airbus, you step on floor made in Dresden

Aircraft components
Dr. Egbert Gärtner

EFW is 1st tier supplier of floor panels and cargo linings for the entire Airbus family

EFW has a large and diversified aeronautical composite product range. We manufacture various Cabin Interiors:

  • Pax and cargo floor panels
  • Cargo compartment linings
  • Partition walls
  • Housings
  • Aircraft monuments
  • Bullet-proof cockpit doors
  • Overhead compartments
  • Crew rest compartments
  • Specific aeronautical applications
  • Heated floor panels

EFW´s aircraft components are optimized according to their application area and specific operational requirements.

EFW aircraft components: best performance by minimized weight

  • High strength and stiffness of combined with minimized weight
  • Fire resistance and low flammability
  • Low smoke emission and toxicity
  • Resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, vibration, sand and liquids

Aircraft components: general characteristics

  • Composite lay-ups & core materials adjusted to customer´s operational requirements
  • Design, manufacturing and assembly of composite panels including integrated functional elements and attachments parts (e.g. inserts, plugs, pipes etc.)
  • Special designs
  • Composite modules, systems, panels or semi-kits delivered ready for assembly
  • Max. manufacturing size: 2,90m x 1,88m
  • From semi-finished panels up to drop-in panels

EFW‘s aircraft components: at a glance

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