Customized aircraft components

We develop and manufacture your special lightweight panel according to your operational requirements

Customized aircraft components
Dr. Egbert Gärtner

Custom-made components:
products and related services

The operations of high‐traffic airlines bring new and exciting challenges into the composite manufacturing of aircraft components. Together with our customers we analyze their specific operational requirements and develop tailored customized solutions, irrespective of Aircraft family and Aircraft type.

  • Design, manufacturing and assembly of aeronautical composite parts including manufacturing of metallic and non-metallic attachment parts
  • Engineering services and product certification: analysis of customer requirements and development of specifications in collaboration with customer, elaboration of repair-proposals etc.
  • Customized Cabin Interiors: tailored solutions based on customers operational requirements, damage reports, product investigations etc.
  • Installation documents: Service Bulletin, manuals etc.
  • Components Aftermarket services

Custom-made components:
customer requirement analysis

One of the new operational factors of high‐traffic airlines is the frequent embarking and disembarking of passengers – an important operational activity on an aircraft. EFW concluded a special gait analysis and developed a new composite floor panel lay‐up.

First of all we have to understand the specific customer needs. That literally meant we had to listen to passengers‘ feet.

Within the gait analysis we examined the movements of passengers when boarding the aircraft and the force put on the floors panels.

EFW´s team looked at different loads including flat shoes with a low load per area, through to real spike loads from high‐heels and the load of food cart roller wheels. These loads together with the EASA CS‐25 requirements shaped the customer specification. As a result of this investigation a new, robust composite lay‐up has been developed.

Investigation of customer requirements for customized floor panels project
Video copyright: EFW Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH

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