Semi-finished floor panels


Semi-finished floor panels are sandwich panels made from carbon fiber skins and a honeycomb core. The panels can be delivered with an installation-kit. This kit contains inserts, edge-filler, adhesives and sealing-tape. Additionally to the material-kit a tool-kit (millers, drillers, etc.) can be ordered.

Areas of Usage

Semi-finished floor panels can be used in high traffic areas like aisle and entry area.

The installation of inserts and edge-filler will follow EFW´s Instruction manual.

Mechanical properties

Weight3400 g/sqm
Long beam bending1700 N (F Ultimate)
Panel shear3000 N (F Ultimate)
Flammabilityi.acc.w. § 853(a) App.F, Part I (a)(1(i) / (ii)
Semi-finished floor panels (raw material)
Dr. Egbert Gärtner

Delivery / Size

Semi-finished Floor panels will be delivered in the size of 1,80 m x 2,80 m.

The sheets will be delivered with a CoC.

Price Policy

The price of semi-finished floor panel depends on size and implemented lay-ups.

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