Leading lightweight technologies

  • State-of-the art composite manufacturing
  • VAP® CFRP manufacturing
  • Competence in complex assembly work
  • Modern surface protection facilities
  • Design and manufacturing of tooling
  • Manufacturing of metallic and non-metallic attachment parts
  • Material research, in-house testing facilities
Lightweight technologies

Advanced composite manufacturing

Composite Manufacturing Tapelayer
Automated tape-layers ensure a stable large scale manufacturing of sandwich panels

Sandwich panels have been used in modern aircrafts and transportation solutions for many years already. High rigidity and low weight, as well as a high degree of integration of components are essential and indispensable properties. The manufacturing of sandwich panels with optimal properties necessitates continual process control. CNC-assisted machines ensure optimal production processes and high quality.

Our products:

Fiber reinforced plastics:

  • Sandwich panels with different GFRP and CFRP-skins and different core materials (e.g. honeycomb, foam)
  • Laminate parts (flat and 3D)

VAP®-components: Impregnated monolithic and sandwich structural components

Our know-how:

  • Installation of plug in parts (e.g. laminates, metal parts) for load application before curing
  • Implementation of local reinforcements
  • CNC-filling of honeycombs

Our technologies:

  • CNC-cutting of preimpregnated fibres (prepregs)
  • Automated and manual tape laying
  • Machining of honeycombs
  • Core filling
  • Press-Curing and Furnace-Curing
  • 3- and 5-Axis CNC-Machining
  • VAP® (Vacuum Assisted Process) technology
VAP Infiltrated lightweight component
EFW uses VAP® (Vacuum Assisted Process) technology for manufacturing of carbon reinforced plastics for A350XWB.
VAP Lightweight Structures for infiltration
VAP® technology combines all advantages of a composite manufacturing with great variety of 3D design solutions.

Competence in a complex assembly work

Assembly Aerospace Cabin Interiors Bonding Lavatory Walls 2
Assembly of A/C lavatories
Assembly Aerospace Cabin Interiors
Decoration of A/C partition wall

From a drop-in sandwich panel up to a fully equipped monument: EFW has a wide range of assembly capabilities:

  • Manufacturing and assembly of high-equipped products: cockpit doors, heated floor panels, partition walls
  • Manufacturing and assembly of sandwich monuments: doghouses, toilet shells, stowage emergency equipment
  • Manufacturing and assembly of customized panels including surface protection and applying of various decors according to genuine applications

Modern surface protection facilities

Surface Protection Atomatisation
Edge protection painting
Automated Edge Surface Protection
Edge protection with power and free transport system
  • Surface protection of composite, metallic, other parts and assemblies

Design and manufacturing of tooling

Tooling VAP Component
A350 VAP® beam machining tooling
A350 Tarpaulin assembly tooling
  • Tooling for all production steps in composite and metallic manufacturing
  • Tooling for internal and external transportation

Manufacturing of metallic and non-metallic attachment parts

Assembled A350 floor panel with titanium beam and connection sheets
Doormat Lightweight
A350 doormat
Attachment Parts Metallic
Sheet metal parts
  • Machined parts, flat and formed sheet metal single parts, sub-assemblies

New lightweight materials and combinations

Together with our customers and suppliers and as part of an expanded network of universities and research institutes we explore innovative materials, develop new material combinations and more efficient sandwich lay-ups. EFW´s in-house testing capabilities ensure an effective material research, product development and certification. Therefore we are able to conduct all necessary material and part related tests:

  • Tensile, compression and shear tests for sandwich parts, core materials (e.g. honeycomb) and laminates
  • Special part tests: full scale shear, bending under static load and food cart roller tests
Lightweight Structures beding test by EFW
Bending under static load
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