Fiber reinforced plastics

GFRP, CFRP and laminates: lightweight & super strong

EFW manufactures laminates and sandwich panels with different GFRP and CFRP skins and different core materials (e.g. honeycomb, foam).

  • Composite sandwich lay-ups made from glass and carbon fiber layers (CFRP/ GFRP) and NOMEX® / KEVLAR® honeycomb or other core materials.
  • Composite layers & core arranged in a modular system for optimal composite sandwich lay-up design
  • Various decors depending on application: tedlar, decor foils, gloss and texture coatings
  • Flexible geometries and in-sandwich design features
  • Design of integrated systems including attachment parts and customized solutions
  • From semi-finished panels up to drop-in panels
  • Deliveries just in sequence ready for assembly
  • Max. size 2,90 m × 1,88 m, lightweight maritime panel: up to 1,20 m × 2,70 m
Fiber reinforced plastics

EFW´s GFRP, CFRP laminates are made from combinations of woven or unidirectional oriented glass or carbon fibers in a duroplastic matrix. EFW manufactures flat and 3D laminate parts in a vacuum, temperature and time controlled environment.

Fiber reinforced plastics:
major product features


  • High strength and stiffness of fiber reinforced plastics combined with minimized weight
  • Fire resistance and low flammability
  • Low smoke emission and toxicity
  • Resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, vibration, sand and liquids

Fiber reinforced plastics: at a glance

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