Repair of Airbus-Components

In aviation, every single component is of utmost importance as 100 percent reliability in functionality is required at any time and even under outstanding loads.

Certified to repair and overhaul aircraft components of the entire Airbus family EFW is your partner in taking components back to service.

Regardles if drain mast, latch or muffler based on the experience of five decades we at EFW proving everyday our outstanding repair services and focus on quality, in-time delivery and customer satisfaction.

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Repair of Airbus aircraft components
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Structure Repair
Panel Repair
Mechanical Repair

Please have a look on our capability list or contact us for detailed information.

This matrix provides you with an overview of our repair capabilities throughout the Airbus family. It is containing an extract of the currently valid capability list, which is available for download.

25ACCC6xxxxxCeiling panel/ Latch/
Guide/ Pallet stop
25AFC20xCockpit door
27ACCC8xxxxxBell crank/ Mechanism/
Spring rod
38ACCC6xxxxxDrain mast
49ACCC7xxxxxAir intake/ Muffler/ APU
52AFC4xxxxLocking/ Door/ Balance
53AFC20xxxxxPanel/ Tail cone
55AF/ACCC8xxHinge arm/ Elevator
57AF/ACCC20xxxxxxFlap/ Slat/ Aileron/ Strut/
Fairing/ Winglet
92AF/ACCC6xxxxxGuide/ PSIU/ Handset

For the repair of components of Airbus aircraft operated under Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) the following capability list is valid.

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