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In aviation, every single component is of the utmost importance with 100 percent reliability in functionality required at all times, even under outstanding loads.

Repair at EFW. We will keep you flying!

Whether a panel, latch or muffler, defects are dangerous and hamper airliners in operating the aircraft. EFW is qualified and certified for the repair and overhaul of aircraft components for the entire Airbus family.

The ACR team is strongly focused on quality, in-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Based on decades of experience in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, we offer repair services at outstanding levels. 

We are certified to repair and overhaul aircraft components for the entire Airbus family and can take your components back into service.

Stop scrapping, start saving money now.

We can fix it...

  • Structural repair
  • Panel repair
  • Mechanical repair
  • Painting

Repair capabilities

The below matrix provides you with an overview of our repair capabilities throughout the Airbus family. It is an extract from the currently valid capability list, which is available for download here.

Download our capability list
Part 145 Rating ATA Code FAA Rating
C1 air conditioning components 21 ACC - Accessory
C4 access doors / access panels 52 AF - Limited Airframe
C5 electrical power / lights 24, 33, 85 ACC - Accessory
C6 equipment / furnishings 25, 38, 44, 45, 50 AF - Limited Airframe; ACC - Accessory; excluding: Limited Radio
C7 engine and power plant / auxiliary power system 49, 71-83 ACC - Accessory
C8 flight control surfaces 27, 55, 57.40-57.70 AF - Limited Airframe; ACC - Accessory
C9 fuel system components 28, 47 ACC - Accessory
C12 hydraulic system components 29 ACC - Accessory
C14 landing gear 32 AF - Limited Airframe
C20 structure components / fuselage, pylons, wing structure 53, 54, 57.10-57.30 AF - Limited Airframe

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