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Supporting operational readiness

On top of the commercial MRO work, we are also able to carry out design solution, kit provisioning, modifications and life-extending assignments for military aircraft. EFW's strong roots in defence and maintenance are part of our company's DNA and include conversions of aircraft into Multi Role Transport Tankers (MRTT).

We performed defence MRO tasks between the 1960s and 1990s, and more recently in the 2000s with conversions of Airbus A310 into Multi-Role Transport (MRT) and Multi Role Transport Tankers (MRTT) for the German Air Force and the Canadian Air Force.

Since 2019 we have been trusted to undertake maintenance services for the German Armed Forces’ NH90 helicopter fleet.

We were one of the first commercial companies in Germany to receive approval as a military maintenance company under the new DEMAR-145 regulations. This certification was granted as a result of the expertise and motivation of our team and is validation of our commitment to ensuring our engineers have the most robust and up-to-date training to undertake this challenging task.

We stand equipped to ensure the operational readiness and preparedness of the German, and consequently NATO, armed forces. Our helicopter maintenance, overhaul and repair means minimal layover time and is all done under one roof.


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Helicopter maintenance: Step-by-step

  1. Removal

    The delivered helicopter is jacked up and removal begins - special attention is paid at this stage to the main gearbox (MGB) because its maintenance is a critical element.

  2. Cleaning and inspection

    The aircraft is cleaned and inspected to determine the need for spare parts in a timely manner with these reported to the customer.

  3. Reinstallation

    Maintained components such as the MGB, engines, and landing gear are installed first. Following this, the cockpit, cabin, troop seats, panels, and main rotor blades are fitted to finalize assembly.

  4. Functional testing

    During the ground testing phase all necessary functional tests are carried out in the same way as for fixed-wing aircraft.

  5. Ground runs, check flights and handover

    Once all ground runs and check flights have been completed, the quality assurance department issues the final Certificate of Release to Service and the aircraft is redelivered to the customer.

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