Cabin Interiors & Aerostructures


We offer design, manufacturing and assembly of cabin interiors and fully equipped modules. Our portfolio ranges from bulletproof cockpit doors and partition walls to complete modules such as overhead bins, lavatories, or crew rest compartments. We also offer customized solutions directly to airlines for modifications, reconfigurations, or other changes for the entire cabin.

Cabin solutions

Courier Area: Courier Modules and Crew Rest compartments (with STC) for A330

Lavatories (A320 family): Expandable Lavatory - Accessible Lavatory | Lav W (A320P2F, design and build, including STC) | Lavatory Housings

Overhead Bins: Airspace L Bin

Why use our cabin interiors?

  • Extensive build-to-print and design expertise supporting your product's design and manufacture
  • Our solutions are fully equipped and perform integrated functions
  • We cater to the linefit and retrofit market  
  • Part 145 certification granting insight into entire aircraft systems and relevant interfaces
  • Expertise in automating complex composite product manufacturing
  • Highest quality assurance for unmatched space and operating efficiency
  • EFW is a versatile, responsive, and skilled cabin solution supplier

Further cabin interiors

We take Airbus cabin interiors to new hights with top-tier solutions focused on safety, space optimization, and enhanced functionality. From retrofittable access lavatories for people with reduced mobility (PRM) for the A320 family to a diverse range of partitions, including high-performance options and bullet-proof cockpit doors, our innovations redefine the in-flight experience. Our commitment to reliability and innovation sets the benchmark for safety and comfort in aircraft interiors.

  • Bullet-proof cockpit door for A320 family aircraft
  • Access lavatory for PRM in extended mode
  • Access lavatory for PRM with grab handle interior and nursing table
  • Single aisle A321P2F / A320P2F modular lavatory
  • 16g high performance partition wall with integrated cabin attendant seat (CAS)
  • 16g high performance partition wall with inserts for installation of options
  • 2D wind screen for aircraft entrance area with inserts for installation of options like baby basinet or literature
  • 9g performance cranked partition wall for more footspace
  • Crew Rest Compartment
  • A330P2F crew rest compartments with two sleeping bunks with kitchen installations
  • Courier module for A330P2F with up to 4 crew seat installation options
  • Courier module with installations for crew comfort
  • Courier module with storage room
  • Overhead bin with GFK door
  • Overhead bin with GFK door
  • Overhead bin with GFK door


Overhead Bins Airspace L Bin with 60% more space for several luggage

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