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We produce state-of-the-art, lightweight composite products for the aviation and rail transportation industries.

Focussed on delivery and performance, and with 30 years of experience in producing flat sandwich panels, linings and cabin interiors, our capabilities in product design and our use of efficient production processes ensure cost efficient and high-quality production of over 55,000 different parts. We are a major First Tier supplier to Airbus.

What really marks us out as a leading market player are our seamless processes covering the entire value chain from design to after-sales services, delivering real turnkey solutions. A perfect balance of delivery, performance, price, and quality is our mission.

Whether Build-to-Print or Design & Build – we offer the best solution for your lightweight component needs.


  • 55,000+different parts, from panels to lavatories
  • 1,000capacity for 1000 aircraft shipsets a year
  • 160different layups ensure tailor-made products
  • TIER 1Airbus supplier

What sets us apart?

Our ability to efficiently manage a huge variety of parts from standard production through to customized manufacturing.  We manage a widely diverse product portfolio that ranges from flat panels and partition walls to bulletproof cockpit doors and complex cabin solutions, as well as modules such as lavatories and crew rest compartments. Products with differing and demanding requirements but all produced by EFW by the most highly experienced team in the composites arena. In time, in quality, in cost.

EFWs proprietary automated tape layer with 6x4m layer area and a speed of 40m/minute

Automated high-bay warehouse ensures ultra-fast availability of material for production

Key advantages

  • We are a Tier 1 supplier to Airbus: EFW provides the final product directly to Airbus.  
  • We are the largest provider of floor panels in the world: All floor panels on all Airbus designed aircraft, whether they are passenger aircraft or freighter aircraft, are produced by us.
  • With a current production capacity for more than 1000 shipsets a year, we offer further growth potential for ramp-up of existing and new products.
  • Our aviation sandwich panels are the lightest on the market.
  • Excellent delivery performance and quality standards; recognized by Airbus who awarded us the Airbus Best Performance & Quality Award 2019 for Cabin Equipment.
  • Full ability to design and produce the best layup and product for customer specifications and demands (160 differing layups).
  • Given EFW certifications we support from design, through production, up to maintenance - we hold EASA Part 145, 21J and 21G approvals
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