EFW as Employer

Join EFW and become a driving force in shaping the future of aviation. Our commitment to safety, paired with a focus on work-life balance, invites you to grow in a modern workplace with strong roots in the industry.

Working at EFW

We are an internationally active company shaping aviation's future. We offer diverse opportunities for entry and growth in the aviation industry. As a growing employer, we foster an environment that blends modern innovation with a rich legacy, supporting and challenging our team members throughout their journey. We prioritize a secure, appreciative, and inclusive atmosphere, emphasizing teamwork and personal development.

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Unique jobs at EFW

Setting the course in IT

Join our global IT team to drive impactful projects. As a dedicated IT professional, your passion for technology is a perfect fit. Contribute to the future success of EFW through digitalization and IT advancements. Utilize your aviation expertise as a license manager, system technician, or system engineer for ERP and PLM systems. Start this journey with us!

Aeronautical engineering in action

Our engineers specialize in the conversion of passenger aircraft to freight (P2F), the development of composite products for our internal and external clients and the crafting of entire aircrafts. This allows you to indulge your passion for aircraft and their components in a broad field of activities. You have the opportunity to take on projects in an international team and ensure their successful implementation. The various fields of activity include, for example, mechanics, electronics, stress and fatigue calculations, all the way to customer support.

Essential aircraft care as a mechanic

As a trained aircraft mechanic, you are an indispensable part of the team that ensures cargo aircraft take off safely and reliably. You are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and upkeep of aircraft systems and components. With your technical expertise, you ensure that all machines meet the highest safety standards. Thus, you are not only turning the wrench directly on your career but also contributing to the future of aviation and joining a team that takes pride in building aircraft at the highest safety standards. In the field of metal processing, we regularly provide opportunities for a career change, allowing you to acquire all relevant information through a qualification process.



EFW is proud to call Dresden home, a city bursting with culture, life, and endless possibilities. With its vibrant cultural scene, bustling nightlife, and a flourishing academic community, Dresden welcomes all with open arms. We proudly craft hundreds of aircraft “Made in Dresden”, and send them to fly high across the globe.

  • Discover the beautiful city of Dresden while working for EFW
  • Take a trip on traditional steamboats on the Elbe
  • Or skate alongside the river
  • Go fine dining
  • Or enjoy the hustle and bustle of the street festival Bunte Republik Neustadt
  • Attend concerts or watch movies on warm summer nights at the Elbufer
  • Enjoy the panoramic view from the top station of the Dresden suspension railroad
  • Find peace and quiet while hiking in the Elbsandsteingebirge

How we see ourselves

We have deep roots in Germany's aviation industry, yet our culture is modern, open, and fair, nurturing innovation and teamwork. At EFW, we're crafting an aviation future that's both advanced and eco-friendly, revitalizing aircraft far from retirement.

Jordi Boto (CEO)


  • Fair Compensation

    As a collectively bargained company in the metal and electrical industry, we offer holiday and Christmas bonuses, overtime pay, and various incentives

  • Work-Life Balance

    Full-time 38 hours, 33 days of annual leave, flexible working hours, remote work options, sabbaticals

  • Mobility

    Subsidy for job or Deutschland Ticket, good public transportation and traffic connections, parking with electric charging stations, job bike

  • Further Education

    Moving on up! We provide our employees with numerous opportunities for further education and educational leave

  • Team Spirit & Family-Friendliness

    After-work drinks, ice lions (sports team), company sports festival, family day, children's holiday camp, children's Christmas gifts

  • Health & Future

    Company doctor, health measures such as vaccinations, sports and fitness offerings, company pension scheme, as well as employer contributions to retirement savings plans, special conditions for disability insurance

  • Sustainability

    Passenger planes get a second life as freighters, 60 to 70 trees planted in Saxon forests per converted aircraft, company roofs serve as a photovoltaic power station

  • Welcome day

    Arriving and networking

  • Top equipment

    Modern work equipment, just as you need it

What our employees say

I grew up in Dresden, so obviously I heard about EFW early on. Then, when I was a teenager, I started being interested in aviation and planes - applying for a job here was the easiest decision of my life. Now, many years later, I keep working on the most different planes and projects, never getting tired of it. It is hard work, but the satisfaction of seeing a plane I contributed to, soaring through the sky, can’t be described.

Christopher Preller, Aircraft mechanics

What our trainees say

EFW’s team has been very welcoming, taking me onto different projects since day one. I’m thrilled at the thought that the projects I work on daily will one day be taking off and fly for years.

Pauline Simon, Trainee

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