Lining components - best performance at minimized weight

Using our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we produce cost-effective and lightweight customised linings according to your needs. We are a 1st Tier supplier of cargo linings for the complete Airbus family, offering integrated solutions for the entire cargo compartment. Our Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic (CFRP) and Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) laminates are made from combinations of woven or uni-directional oriented glass or carbon fibers in a duroplastic matrix. Our laminate parts are manufactured flat and 3D in a vacuum, temperature and time-controlled environment.

Our customers need to save weight - we deliver those weight savings.

Major product features

GFK- CFK (KFK) - Fiber reinforced plastic Laminates

  • High strength and stiffness combined with minimized weight
  • Fire resistance and low flammability
  • Low smoke emission and toxicity
  • Resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, vibration, sand and liquids

Performance features

  • Weight

    Light as a feather

  • Strength

    durable & energy efficient

  • Stiffness

    3x stiffer

  • Reliability

    certified & product lifetime of 30+ years

  • Acoustics

    > 29 dB isolation

  • Non-toxicity

    health & environmental friendly

  • Fire & Smoke

    Resistent & durable (DIN)

Further advantages of using our products

  • Lay-ups and core arranged in a modular system for optimal sandwich lay-up design

  • Flexible geometries and in-sandwich design features

  • Deliveries just in sequence ready for assembly

  • Design of integrated systems including attachment parts

  • From semi-finished panels up to drop-in panels

Cargo compartments

EFW offers a variety of linings:

  • Ceiling panels
  • Sidewall linings
  • Protection panels
  • Decompression panels
  • Ceiling panel for cargo deck with decompression panel
  • Cargo deck with decompression panels
  • Decompression panel with pressure compensation valve to ensure safety
  • Lining side wall with decompression panel and pressure compensation valve
  • Side wall with decompression panels covered by protection panels
  • Protection panel
  • Linings
  • Linings


Manufacturing of linings

Installation of linings

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