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Do you have any questions concerning the application process? Do you want to have more information about your career options? We are happy to help you by answering all your questions with our FAQ, downloads or in person!

Frequently asked questions

Please apply exclusively online through our career portal.

We need your current resume along with evidence of your professional background, such as academic certificates or assessments.

Please provide an overview of your professional experiences. Highlight projects where you played a significant role and achieved successes. Keep it concise, limiting the resume to a maximum of 2 pages. A cover letter is not required but can be submitted voluntarily.

After receiving your application, we carefully review your documents. As this process takes some time, we kindly ask for your patience – we will get in touch with you once the process is completed. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us using the provided contact details.

Certainly! You can upload a spontaneous application through our job portal. We will review your application and assess which of our open positions align with your skills and competencies.

Feel free to mention in your cover letter which positions are of interest to you. Since the cover letter is optional, you can apply for multiple positions with us as well.

We'd be happy to arrange a new appointment for your job interview. Please respond to the messages you receive through our application platform so that we can directly associate your message with your application.

To safeguard against threats to civil aviation security, anyone who has direct influence on the safety of air traffic due to their activities requires a Reliability Check (ZÜP). Therefore, all EFW employees undergo reliability checks. As part of this process, the individual's identity is reviewed for any criminal relevance. EFW covers the costs of the application.

Individuals cannot apply for the ZÜP themselves. After we invite you to the job interview, you will receive the application form and assistance in completing it.

The process takes approximately four to six weeks. By submitting the form and required documents beforehand, our team at EFW can expedite the internal review process to ensure all necessary information is complete. All documents can be submitted digitally and encrypted.

We have compiled FAQs about training here and information about internships here.

More questions? Contact us!

Alexander Jäger

Human Resources | Recruiting Team

Tel:+49 351 8839 3618Email:recruiting@efw.aero

Melissa Albrecht

Human Resources | Recruiting Team

Tel:+49 351 8839 3288Email:recruiting@efw.aero

Alexandra Weis

Human Resources | Recruiting Team

Tel:+49 351 8839 3299Email:recruiting@efw.aero

André Vogel


Tel:+49 351 8839 2517Email:berufsausbildung@efw.aero