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First-tier supplier to Airbus

We develop, manufacture and supply fiber-reinforced lightweight components for Airbus aircraft.

Our portfolio of aviation-related products is ever-growing and ranges from flat cabin and cargo floor panels and linings up to cabin interiors, like partitions or crew rest compartments and lavatories for passenger-to-freighter aircraft.

We can undertake not only standard production but also customized production - and we can support with product design. Also part of our offering is a large aeronautical composite product portfolio marrying top performance with minimized weight.

What’s the unique value add for customers?

  • Strong but light.

    Our panels offer high durability with low weight, as well as a high degree of functional integration of components.  

  • Efficiency.

    Our processes are highly automated for honeycomb core as well as all layers of pre-impregnated materials. We use cutting-edge machinery that ensures optimal production processes and high quality. 

  • Customer-focused.

    We can incorporate the specific designs of our customers, and ensure that processes are also fully scalable. 

  • Time-saving.

    We can bring in features at the production stage that other companies cannot offer and provide by such turnkey solutions.  

  • Results.

    Stable quality and best value solutions.


Testing procedure of the stability of lightweight composite panel

Floor panel for passenger cabin sealed with carbon fibre layer

Composition of the panel

Our sandwich panels are made from glass and carbon fibre layers, or metallic sheets as skin. As core we use different materials e.g. honeycomb, foam or glass.

CFRP / GFRP are made from combinations of woven or uni-directional glass or carbon fibres in a duroplastic matrix. Laminates are manufactured under cleanroom conditions.

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