Aftermarket Solutions


We are an aftermarket solutions supplier combining the deep knowledge of our Design and Production Organization. Providing you with individually designed and certified composite products. Fitting your needs.

Our replacement panels supporting your needs

Our replacement panels are designed, qualified, certified and produced according to market requirements covering a wide range of purposes, especially in the whole cargo area and cabin flooring.

Why choose EFW replacement panels? Our panels are…

  • reasonable alternative parts to an original panel
  • ready-to-drop-in solutions with 100% equal fit to FIN position
  • offering a wide set of characteristics fitting your needs: smart design features, robustness and long-lasting product performance
  • of the highest quality accompanied by a strong delivery reliability
  • a fast and reliable way to support AOG requests
  • contribute to additional cost savings by reducing MRO events and unplanned AOG due to less panel damages

Availability of EFW Replacement Panel

    A320 Family A330 A350 A380
PAX Floor panels - aisle & galley area
  Floor panels - seat area Contact usContact usContact us
CARGO Floor panels Contact us
  Protection panels
  Sidewall linings Contact usContact usContact us
CABIN INTERIORS Partitions Contact usContact usContact us

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One of many - a smart replacement panel

A typical sandwich panel can suffer... 

… while there are no damages with EFW's bulk protection panels!

EFW's protection panels in smart 3D design produced with several glass fibre layers ensure longest product lifetimes 

EFW customized parts

We also design, certify, qualify, and produce customized products according to your individual needs and specifications for e.g. cabin modifications, refurbishments, upgrades, and more. 

  • We can provide you with parts from flat panels to cabin interiors up to fully equipped monuments
  • We have more than 25 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing composite solutions 
  • Our solutions include all certifications and necessary aviation compliances


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