Production and Design Technologies

Our innovative manufacturing solutions

We produce state-of-the-art sandwich panels, laminates, and Vacuum Assisted Process (VAP) components using the very latest technologies supported by our deep-rooted manufacturing know-how. We prioritise constant development through material research and in-house testing.

In addition to complex assembly work, we offer modern surface protection as well as design and manufacturing of tooling.

Two EFW manufacturing sites offer flexibility in production capacity.

Our product competences

  • Fiber reinforced plastics, flat and 3D
  • Sandwich panels: with Glass Fiber and Carbon Fiber, and a honeycomb or foam core
  • Laminates: with different Glass Fiber (GFRP) and Carbon Fiber (CFRP)-layers, depending on application also with core material
  • VAP®-components: Impregnated monolithic and sandwich structural components

Our manufacturing know-how

  • Highly efficient, flexible, and automated sandwich production lines offering:
    • Installation of plug-in parts (e.g. laminates, metal parts) for load application before curing
    • Implementation of local reinforcements
    • CNC-filling of honeycombs
  • Finishing and decor facilities allow for:
    • Painting, including water-based environmentally friendly varnishes 
    • Decorative foil application
  • Two state-of-the-art assembly lines
  • VAP® line with layup, cutting, preforming, resin infusion and curing production flow

Our technologies

  • CNC-cutting of preimpregnated fibres (‘prepregs’) with automated and manual tape laying
  • Machining of honeycombs
  • Core filling
  • Press-Curing and Furnace-Curing 3- and 5-Axis CNC-Machining
  • Automated deburring
  • VAP® (Vacuum Assisted Process) technology 

VAP® Components

No Limits in Design

Our VAP components are resin-infiltrated structural parts manufactured under vacuum conditions. The process is characterized by the use of an advanced, flexible semi-permeable membrane system. During the resin-infiltration process, small-molecular air and gas inclusions are removed efficiently. In this way, the technology allows key process parameters to be precisely controlled. All process steps are designed to maximize the fiber volume content and performance of our VAP components.

Performance components with the highest internal and external quality:

  • Highest degree of design freedom
  • Simplified production of large and complex components
  • Maximum fiber volume content and minimal porosities
  • High process reliability
  • Cost efficient implementation and flexible product modification

Next Generation Technology

EFW's VAP® components are resin-infiltrated structural parts manufactured under vacuum conditions. Multi-directional lay-ups with up to 50 different oriented layers can be infiltrated within one production cycle.

Semi-permeable membranes allow air or gas evacuation from the reinforcement through microscopic pores, whereas resin is retained and stays in the mould. This prevents resin loss and results in high quality laminates with defined, homogenous fiber volume contents.

Our testing capabilities

Together with our customers and suppliers, and as part of an extended network of universities and research institutes, we explore innovative materials, develop new material combinations, and more efficient sandwich lay-ups.

Our in-house testing capabilities ensure effective material research, product development, and certification.

Subsequently we are able to conduct all necessary material and part related tests:

  • Tensile, compression and shear tests for sandwich parts, core materials (e.g. honeycomb) and laminates.
  • Special part tests: full scale shear, bending under static load and food cart roller tests.


Sequential build-up of reinforcement structure, process- and auxiliary materials

VAP Vacuum build-up for reliable removal of air inclusions and reaction gases

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