Next-Generation Widebody Conversion

A new generation born out of proven experience

We are the go-to company to undertake conversions of the next generation of Airbus medium widebody freighters: the A330P2F. We have built our capabilities and experience on the success of our A300/A310 conversions which saw us deliver over 200 freighter aircraft worldwide.

Our A330P2F program comes in two variants – the A330-200P2F and A330-300P2F. Both are equipped with advanced technologies that deliver operational and economic benefits, with the A330-200P2F capable of payloads up to 60 tons, and the A330-300P2F offering up to 62 tons.    

Our A330P2F possesses features and options that allow for highly efficient and comfortable freighter operation. Features such as our intelligent powered cargo loading system (PCLS), where containers are power-driven into position saving valuable loading and unloading time and options like the flight crew rest compartment which can serve bigger crews on longer distances. We also offer freighter options reflecting your individual operational needs, such as main deck cargo compartment access, or a powered cargo loading system (PCLS), also suitable for 16” or 20” pallets.

EFW conversions mean a new paradigm in efficiency.

A330P2F benefits

  • 23%Up to 23% more volume (A330-300P2F)*
  • 17%Up to 17% more payload*
  • 10%A 10% wider fuselage catering for 96” containers side-by-side*
  • 7''A 7'' wider door allows for the transport of 16ft and 20ft pallets*

* compared to best configuration of nearest competitor

Product advantages

  • Maximized payload capability

    16/20 ft pallet option offering up to 11.3 tons position weight on up to five slots

  • Efficient belly container usage

    Optimal load: 32 LD3 (A330-300P2F) powered cargo loading system

  • Swift, secure, and versatile loading

    For mixed configurations ensuring speed and safety

Conversion process

Our conversion process follows four key steps including major modifications to the entire aircraft and its systems. Step-by-Step becoming a freighter.

  1. De-installation phase

    The passenger and cargo deck areas are completely emptied and removed. This process includes removing interior fittings such as seats with all flight entertainment equipment and cabling, side wall cladding, insulation and floor panels.

  2. Structural phase

    Work on the structure of the aircraft begins. The floor is rebuilt, stringers and frames are reinforced, the main deck cargo door is installed, the fuselage is reinforced, windows are replaced by plugs, and rear passenger doors are locked.

  3. Re-installation phase

    Once the structural changes have been made, we re-install items relevant to freighters. This includes computer systems and electrics, hydraulics, side panels and floors, and the courier area. At this stage we install our highly flexible powered cargo loading system into the floor.

  4. Test phase

    The final stage sees all systems fully tested. We conduct hundreds of tests, including specific tests for freighters, covering everything from power, through the cargo loading system, to hydraulics and engines. After tests are completed the aircraft is released without the need for dedicated test flights.

Conversion features & modifications

  • Courier AreaCourier Area

    Depending on configuration, this area provides additional seating or sleeping possibilities for crew and cargo escorts. Maximum space utilization is ensured for the cargo area.Dieser Bereich bietet je nach Konfiguration zusätzliche Sitz- oder Schlafmöglichkeiten für Crew und Frachtbegleiter.

  • Barrier Net & Smoke CurtainSicherheitsnetz & Smoke Curtain

    Designed to withstand loads of up to 9G, the safety net separates the upper cargo compartment from the crew, increasing operational safety.Das für eine Belastung von bis zu 9G ausgelegte Sicherheitsnetz grenzt den oberen Frachtraum von der Crew ab.

  • Main Deck Cargo DoorFrachttor für Hauptdeck

    The hydraulically driven cargo door provides a large access to the Main Cargo Deck, with 141” width and 101” height.Das hydraulisch angetriebene Frachttor bietet einen besonders großzügig dimensionierten Zugang zum oberen Frachtraum.

  • New Floor GridModifizierte Fußbodenstruktur

    The floor structure is completely renewed and replaced by a stronger one. The installed floor panels were specially developed for cargo applications.Die Fußbodenstruktur wird vollständig erneuert und durch eine stärkere ersetzt. Die verbauten Fußbodenplatten wurden speziell für die Frachtanwendung entwickelt.

  • Extended Cargo CapacityMehr Frachtkapazität

    With a capacity for up to 26 containers on the Main Deck and 32 on the Lower Deck, the A330-300P2F offers 16% more volume than the -200P2F. Fire protection equipment installed in the Class E certified Main Cargo Deck ensures a high level of operational safety.Der Class E Frachtraum ist mit entsprechenden Wandverkleidungen ausgestattet. Mit einer Kapazität für bis zu 26 Containern im Main Deck und 32 im Lower Deck bietet der A330-300P2F 16% mehr Volumen, als der -200P2F.

  • Powered Cargo Loading SystemAngetriebenes Frachtladesystem

    The powered cargo loading system of the new generation enables motorized positioning and securing of cargo.Das angetriebene Frachtladesystem der neuen Generation ermöglicht ein motorisiertes Bewegen und Positionieren der Fracht.

  • Deactivated Doors & Window PlugsDeaktivierte Türen & Window Plugs

    The unused passenger doors 2, 3 & 4 are deactivated and the cabin windows are plugged. This reduces the amount maintenance required.Die ungenutzten Passagiertüren 2, 3 & 4 werden deaktiviert und die Kabinenfenster verschlossen.


Main deck cargo door

Main deck cargo capacity

Powered for your cargo

Most flexible main deck cargo loading system

Cargo loading system options

We offer the maximum flexibility and multiple unit load device (ULD) arrangements. 

Aircraft data

  A330-300P2F* A330-200P2F**
maximum containerized volume 526m³ (18,580ft³) 453m³ (16,000ft³)
payload data up to 62t (136,700 lbs) up to 60t (132,300 lbs)
range capability up to 3,700 nm up to 4,200 nm
maximum take-off weight (MTOW) up to 235t up to 238t
maximum landing weight (MLW) up to 187t up to 182t
maximum zero fuel weight (MZFW) up to 175t up to 170t

* suitable up to weight variant 55 ** suitable up to weight variant 62

Other conversion models and services

Further services

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