Safety in AIRBUS aircraft by EFW composites

Composite components in the cargo area play a major role in aircraft safety. They provide an airtight and fire-safe space and thus protect the aircraft and its passengers from fire and smoke. EFW is First Tier supplier of composite floor panels as well as cargo linings for the entire AIRBUS family and covers the entire value chain from design to production up to after-sales services.

EFW components provide airtight cargo hold

Various components are used in the cargo area – including ceiling, sidewall and floor panels. These are necessary to ensure fire safety standards.

  1. Ceiling panels
  2. Decompression panels
  3. Vertical sidewall panels
  4. Sloped sidewall panels
  5. Floor panels
  6. Protection panels

Composite cargo compartments by EFW

EFW components provide fire protection for the cargo area

To keep the cabin free from fire, smoke and gases, the fire resistance of the components is an important feature. The materials used in production are subject to the regulations according to CS-25.855 certification. When the components are qualified, they are exposed to flames of up to 927°C (1700°F).

Due to the short time during aircraft unloading and loading operations, the cargo hold is often treated roughly. Despite the appropriate design of the components, damage can occur for this reason. Therefore, it is important to keep the cargo components in good condition. EFW also offers robust and durable composite products in a direct aftermarket business to airlines and MROs.

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