Aircraft Mechanic

Dresden | from 08/01/2025

Aircraft mechanics in manufacturing technology mainly work in the production, partly in the maintenance of entire aircraft. Following technical drawings, you assemble individual parts into assemblies or entire aircraft. Additionally, you mount technical system components in the cell/aircraft structure and install the interior equipment. Quality checks and documentation of work are also part of the professional tasks.

Your benefits

  • Time is quality of life

    38-hour full-time week, 30 days of annual leave

  • Apprenticeship remuneration

    Collective bargaining agreement for the metal and electrical industry in Saxony: €1,094-1,282 from the 1st to 4th year of training, plus collective special payments, holiday and Christmas bonuses

  • Thinking ahead

    Special conditions for occupational disability insurance without health questions, flextime accounts

  • Mobility

    Subsidy for Germany & job ticket, job bike, parking lot, good transportation connections

  • Health

    Company doctor, health measures, sports and fitness offers

  • Location

    Dresden: Saxon metropolis, vibrant party scene in Neustadt, wide range of cultural, sports, and outdoor activities

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What comes next?

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  2. Our feedback

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  3. Invitation to an interview

    Our interviews take place in person, so we can get to know each other better and give you a direct insight into our working environment. If you do not live in the Dresden area, we can also conduct the interview digitally.

  4. Feedback

    After conducting all the interviews planned for the position, we will get back to you with feedback.

  5. Success!

    You have received the confirmation and can now look forward to your new role at EFW.

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