Composite components

High rigidity and low weight, as well as a high degree of integration are essential and indispensable properties of lightweight components.

Benefits of lightweight components at a glance:

  • High strength and stiffness of combined with minimized weight
  • Fire resistance and low flammability
  • Low smoke emission and toxicity
  • Resistance to environmental factors such as humidity, vibration, sand and liquids

At sea, on rail or in the air. Wherever. EFW composites

EFW‘s product lines provide primary and secondary structures for aviation as well as a great variety of composite solutions for transportation (rail, road, sea).

Benefits of our lightweight products

  • Delivery just-in-time and ready-to-install
  • High product quality and delivery reliability
  • High level of functional integration
  • Flat composite sandwich panels up to fully equipped monuments

Best performance by minimized weight

Technical specifications of EFW‘s lightweight components

components &
CFRP/GFRP sandwich
panel with honeycomb
or foam core
Sandwich panel
with glass core and
metallic front layers

Additional layers to
increase sound
absorption or
MechanicsPanel design optimized for maximum stiffness, dynamic loads, peel strength and thermal insulation
Fire properties (flammability, fire resistance,
smoke and toxicity)
Acc. ABD0031Acc. DIN EN 45545Acc. IMO FTP
Code3, DIN4102-8
Environmental resistanceResistant against specific environmental conditions (e. g. saltwater, high humidity, dry and hot climate)
WeightsPAX floor panel:
e. g. 2,5 kg/m²

Cargo floor panel:
e. g. 3,4 kg/m²

Cargo walls:
e. g. 1,4 kg/m²
Floor panel:
~ 6 kg/m²

Interior panel:
3 – 8 kg/m²
Cabin ceiling and
walls: 9,4 – 11,5
kg/m² depending
on requirements
(panel thickness 27 mm)

52 mm
walls: 17,9 – 20 kg/m²
SizeUp to 2,90 m × 1,88 mUp to 2,90 m × 1,88 mUp to 1,20 m × 2,70 m
Thickness5 – 60 mm
Noise absorptionAccording to
customer requirements
27 – 33 dBUp to 45 dB
(double layer of 27
mm panels) acc.
DIN EN ISO 140-4
FinishVarious decors/veneers: decor foil, paint, antiskid coat
CertificatesDelivered with
EASA Form 1 or CoC
Delivered with CoCDNV-GL: B-15
RMRoS: B-15

We produce your special lightweight panel, optimized according to your technical specifications.

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