Maritime components

Discover the new way

  • Innovation of lightweight maritime interior systems
  • Successfully implemented in walls and corridors at river cruise ships
  • Positive sense of space
  • Outstanding performance

The completely new designed lightweight panel of Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH is a significant innovation of maritime interior systems.

EFW‘s maritime panel combines:

  • Up to 30 % weight reduction compared to standard cabin panels: e.g. weight saving potential of approx. 300 tons for a cruise liner equipped with 1500 passenger cabins
  • Outstanding noise reduction properties (up to -45db)
  • Very good fire protection abilities.

Triple innovation

Maritime leightweight solutions

EFW‘s lightweight maritime panels can be implemented in bulkhead as well as in ceiling applications in cruise ships, commercial vessels and offshore accommodations:

  • Passenger and crew cabins
  • Bulkhead and ceiling
  • Corridors and other public areas
  • Sandwich floor panels
  • Man-hole covers (GFRP)

Panel width up to 1,2m, combined with curved and cranked panels enable new design possibilities and reduction of assembly costs.

Minimized fabrication tolerances allow a high level of cabin pre-manufacturing and provide reliable and reproducible product quality. As special service for our customers we integrate further features during pre-assembly: reinforcements, cable raceways, additional installations, hatches and doors etc. The new panel enables an almost seamless design and provides a positive sense of space.
The use of recycling material for the sandwich core improves the ecological balance of the whole system.

Why use maritime composites?

Lighter interiors enhance efficiency and customer comfort on board.

Saving weight in cabins and corridors has a direct impact on the weight-concept of the whole ship. The centre of gravity is lower, the draught is less - all this saves fuel consumption.

  • Minimized fabrication tolerances
  • Increased variability in ship and cabin design (2D warping)
  • Design solutions for integration of hatches and inspection doors
  • Improved handling abilities due to increased panel stiffness and reduced panel weight
  • Maritime panels can easily be treated with standard working machines during installation on board and in-service maintenance
  • Resistant against moisture and putridity
  • Easy to repair
  • Ecological and recycled core material
  • No emission of cancerogenic respirable fibres
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