Sharing capabilities and experience: Cabin Interiors & Aircraft Monuments

With the experience in composite parts manufacturing, EFW in the early 2000s started with its own development of new sandwich panel and laminate part lay-ups, materials, semi-finished products as well as the sophistication of existing and implementation of new manufacturing technologies.

Now, EFW offers not only products out of a requirement based engineering for OEMs but also a raising number and variety of highly customized composite products meeting the enhanced requirements of each of our customers. In the latter case, EFW supports the customer in analyzing the defects of damaged parts and also in the definition of specific requirements for a high quality and reliable new product.

As of today EFW offers for example:

  • Customized ‘ready to install’ floor panels, optimized for the high loaded entrance and aisle areas of passenger cabin for A320 family aircraft,
  • Specifically for robustness requirements developed lower deck cargo compartment inclined floor and lining panels, applicable for bulk loading (A320 family),
  • Durable panels for protection of Airbus specific decompression panels in bulk loaded areas,
  • Primary structure composite parts for load transferring applications, flexible to be installed in the passenger cabin at floor panel level (instead of structural hard points, intercostal or optional beams or tracks etc.),
  • Special semi-finished repair panels with a width of original floor panels, sealed circumferentially and therefore allowing easy cut to length of Repair Parts.

On the other hand, EFW Engineering offers a variety of modifications and changes to aircraft cabin and structure. Furthermore, the services comprise the development of monuments and composite parts, design & build as well as a range of additional engineering capabilities.

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Aircraft cabin modifications

General changes to cabin lay-out

  • Installation of business class, first class, flat economy, VIP configurations
  • Adaptation of related passenger systems like passenger address, individual air ventilation, communication, oxygen systems, lights, emergency equipment
  • Installation of additional stowage (doghouses, wardrobes, bins), class dividers (partitions)
  • Installation or replacement of monuments (galleys, lavatories) including electrical equipment, system adaptation
  • Replacement of non-textile floor and carpets
  • Modification of cabin design pattern and colours
  • End-of-lease cabin refurbishing
  • Cockpit door installation

Structural Modifications

  • Design and justification of repairs to aircraft external and internal fuselage structure Installation and replacement of antennas
  • Installation of additional attachments for cabin interior and system fixation
  • Development and integration of specifically reinforced cabin and cargo floor panels
  • Aircraft conversion from passenger to freighter/combi aircraft

Modifications to electrical/ electronic systems

  • Installation of in-flight entertainment systems (IFE)
  • Integration of wireless access points for IFE, WLAN, GSM on-board application
  • Installation and replacement of communication and navigation systems (Link2000+)
  • Cockpit lay-out standardisation

Changes regarding mechanical Systems

  • Modification to air conditioning system
  • Modification to fire & smoke detection systems
  • Modification to drainage system
  • Modification to oxygen system
  • Modification to water & waste system

Seat replacement

  • Installation of new seat types

Special Purpose Modifications

  • Installation of Airborne Missile Protection System
  • Installation of external lighting and surveillance systems
  • Installation of Emergency Locator Transmitters

Monument / composite part development, design & build

  • Courier module / stowage
  • Crew rest compartment
  • Customized passenger and cargo floor panels
  • Customized lower deck cargo compartment lining panels
  • Doghouses
  • Wind screens & class dividers (partitions)
  • Space flex partitions (with wall mounted CAS)
  • Stowages, wardrobes
  • Hatracks
  • Laminate cover parts

Additional engineering capabilities

  • Engineering of metallic and composite repairs to aircraft and components including justification and documentation
  • Issuance of Service Bulletins, manuals and technical publications
  • Development & qualification of new materials, lay-ups and processes

Aircraft cabin modifications – an overview

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