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Make use of our privileges: Design, certification and management activities for the aerospace sector

In addition to design and certification activities within the frame of EFW’s design solutions, EFW serves as well the aerospace sector by conducting a specific work package of work falling under our specialty. Those works can be performed on-site customer and/or off-site EFW depending on the agreement.

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The EFW Engineering services comprise the following design, certification and management activities:

  • Certification of repairs and changes (STCs) of small and large aircrafts
  • LOPA
  • Aircraft design and production organization approvals (DOA, POA)
  • Equipment/part certification and/or qualification
  • Continued airworthiness
  • Systems engineering
  • Risk management
  • Design process and procedures
  • Project management
Approvals & Certificates
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Configuration management services

Configuration Management (CM) is the discipline to manage assets, products, installations and processes and the related information including all the changes. Having the right information helps to make better decisions and to avoid costs for corrective actions. EFW can help your organization to improve your CM process by applying best practices based on common configuration management standards and our own practical experience in industry domains like aerospace and defense. Our CM services comprise:

  • CM maturity assessment
  • Design and implementation of CM processes
  • CM training (awareness, basis)
  • Asset information management
  • CM IT tool selection and implementation support

Preparation of aviation documentation

Our engineering experts generate the documentation specifically tailored to comply with the needs of the different organizations. They also assist with developing the documents for specific parts. The following documents can be prepared by EFW:

  • Safety- and Quality-Management Manual (SQMM)
  • Design Organization Handbook (DOH)
  • Production Organization Handbook (POH)
  • Operational Manuals (OM A–D)

Individual consultancy services

Our consultancy services are focused on the process and procedure development necessary for aircraft design, development and certification. By analyzing our customers’ needs, constraints and the actual situation, we help them to build up or shape their design and/or production organization(s) in order to be recognized and certified by the aviation authorities for aircraft, parts and equipment design and production.

Same is true in the context of Airbus’ suppliers prefacing their audits. In this case, EFW acts as an experienced partner supporting actual or potential suppliers in order to apply Airbus’ or equivalent processes and procedures.

We also offer global or customer-focused training programs to support individual needs. This may include dedicated trainings to integrate and deploy a solution which was identified during the consultancy phase.

Training services

EFW offers global training programs or customer focused training programs on airworthiness, certification, and organization approvals to support the individual needs as well as the identified solution to be integrated and deployed after or during the engineering services phase.

  • Consulting- / Training -/ Support Services with focus on Processes and Procedures with regards to EASA / FAA regulations
  • On site investigation of current situation, processes and procedures on demand
  • Enabling organizations ready to be certified by EASA for POA and DOA
  • Customized trainings especially for customer needs (IMS (9100), DOA, POA, MOA, Certification, Configuration Control)
  • Support especially for implementation of identified corrective or improvement actions

References / projects

  • EASA Part 21 J/G Trainings in cooperation with EASA / AIRBUS and/or EAFAS (European Academy for Aviation Safety)
  • POA/DOA Training in CAAC in China, Beijing
  • Airbus AP1020/GRESS/GRAMS Training ECAR in Moscow
  • Airbus TDCA Training TAI in Ankara
  • POA/DOA Training for the Indonesian Authority “Directorate General of Civil Aviation” on behalf of EASA
  • DOA/CVE Training/Consultancy FTI Dresden/Berlin
  • EASA Part 21 J/G Projects in order to obtain EASA POA and/or DOA Approval
  • POA/DOA Consultancy ATR in Toulouse
  • POA Consultancy KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Ltd
  • Leading EU – Russia project - Certification of Aircraft Systems / Approval of Production Organizations & Supply Chain
  • Specific customized trainings and consultancies for Antonov, Irkut, Beriev, GosNIIAS, NIISU, UAC and Tupolev
  • Running projects in Singapore; Japan and US/Mexico

Training & Consultancy – some impressions

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