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Airbus Awards EFW as Supplier of Airspace L Bins for the A320 Family

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), competence centre for Airbus Aircraft Conversions (P2F) and for lightweight components, has been awarded by Airbus as supplier and manufacturer of upsized overhead bins, the Airspace L Bins, a new retrofit solution for single aisle Airbus aircrafts. 

The Airspace L Bins optimize Airlines’ and Passenger’s needs for more cabin luggage space by a 60% increase of stowage capacity guaranteeing a time-saving and comfortable boarding. Moreover, this retrofit solution can be installed with a minimum of cabin modifications in just 3-5 days.

The Airspace L Bins will be produced automated by EFW Group using new and smart manufacturing technologies, state-of-the-art equipment and processes. The company is ensuring sustainability by essential measures towards CO2 neutrality, such as photovoltaics, use of bioenergy, a paperless fab, participation in eco initiatives and much more. Manufacturing in Germany/ Europe also ensures a sustainable transport to Airbus.

New Airspace L Bin for retrofitting A320 family aircraft manufactured at EFW Group

Airspace L Bin offers 60 % more space for cabin luggage

"We are very pleased to receive the Airbus award for producing passenger cabin products," says Jordi Boto, CEO EFW. "Our team was collaborating closely with the Airbus design team to offer a well-fitting, cost-efficient and sustainable product. Receiving the award is a strong commitment and confirms that EFW has all the capabilities, knowledge and capacities to offer complex cabin solutions."

“We are glad to have EFW on board for the Airspace L Bin solution.” Says Christian Lübbering, Cabin Program Manager. “EFW strongly supported during the design phase, and proofed that the product can be manufactures cost-efficient meeting at the same time our requirements for sustainability.”

EFW is an experienced Airbus First Tier supplier for composite components for more than three decades with a steady growth of product portfolio: from flat cabin and cargo floor panels and linings up to cabin interiors like partitions or crew rest compartments and lavatories for Passenger to freighter aircraft. Based on EFWs capabilities in product design, the know-how in top edge, efficient production processes ensuring cost efficient and high-quality production, the company developed from a manufacturer to a provider of system solutions for aerospace.

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EFWs modern production site in Kodersdorf, Saxony ensuring sustainability by essential measures, such as photovoltaics, use of bioenergy and a paperless fab


About EFW

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), a subsidiary of ST Engineering and Airbus combines is one of the biggest industrial companies in Saxony with its headquarters in Dresden, Germany. As a competency center for freighter conversions, EFW is STC (Suppemental Type Certificate) holder for all recent Airbus conversion programs and has a global network of nine conversion sites in the U.S., in Europe and Asia. The company has more than 2,000 employees and is on a strong growth course. EFW groups lightweight components are manufactures in Dresden and at the subsidiary acosa in Kodersdorf, Saxony. EFWs lightweight products are not only used in aviation but also in the rail sector. An impressive track record spanning three decades speaks for itself: more than 5 million lightweight products in over 12,000 Airbus aircraft, over 200 converted cargo aircraft and numerous maintenance services on commercial and military aircraft. Airlines and customers worldwide operate EFW's converted cargo aircraft, including the largest express air freight companies in North America and Europe, such as DHL and Amazon. EFW's shareholders are ST Engineering and Airbus. In order to achieve the ambitious goals EFW wants to hire over 300 experts in 2023.

About EFW Composites

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH develops, manufactures and supplies fiber-reinforced lightweight components for Airbus aircraft. The proportion of tailor-made products is high. Numbers speak for themselves: around 50,000 different geometric shapes and 160 material combinations go through the production of so-called "sandwich panels". The product portfolio ranges from floor panels and partition walls to bulletproof cockpit doors or up to modules like crew rest compartments - products with different, very demanding requirements.

EFW received several awards, amongst those the Airbus Best Performance & Quality Award 2019 for Cabin Equipment. With this Best Performance & Quality Award 2019 award, Airbus recognizes EFWs exceptional performance. EFW achieved an outstanding 99.5% delivery reliability across all programs. At the same time, Airbus gave EFW an A rating for the quality level of the components supplied over a longer period of time. In April 2019, EFW had received a Best Performer 'SQUIP' award as a supplier of composite components from Airbus.

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