easyJet and EFW celebrating 5th anniversary

When manufacturing lightweight components, EFW draws on leading technologies and covers the entire value chain from design to after-sales services. From flat floor panels and sidewall linings to cabin interiors up to ready-to-install cabin modules, EFW offers a wide product range. In the direct business to Airlines and MRO's EFW offers composite spare parts with the highest product quality and delivery reliability as well as customized composite solutions according to customers’ needs and requirements.

Since 2015, easyJet has been an important customer of EFW’s composite aftermarket business. Lately, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Unfortunately, we were not able to do this on site in London due to the current situation. However, together with Neil Finch, Fleet Engineer for Structures at easyJet, we were able to have a short interview about our cooperation.

“EFW gives us products that provide a huge improvement in reliability at a very competitive price.” (Neil Finch, Fleet Engineer for Structures at easyJet)

How does this cooperation help you in current, very difficult times, which burden airlines in many ways?

At a time when cost savings and efficiency is more important than ever the cooperation with EFW gives us products that provide a huge improvement in reliability at a very competitive price. The EFW parts we install on our fleet are far more robust than the items they are replacing meaning that they stay on the aircraft a lot longer and in some instances we believe will last the life of the aircraft. This reduces AOG’s, out of service hours and costs.

What are general advantages you see in working with EFW?

When we approach EFW with an issue that is causing us problems they go away and come back with a fully tested solution and provide a full package needing very little additional input from ourselves. This very proactive and efficient methodology means we are delivered an improved product that meets the needs of our requirements.   

What goals do you want to achieve together with EFW in the coming years?

The most important goal is to continue to find innovative and cost effective solutions to increase reliability and reduce costs. This improves our efficiency and the experience for our customers.

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Laurenz Tröster

Sales Spares

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