Lightweight floor panels of EFW for Siemens Mobility in Munich trams

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbHs (EFW) long-standing customer in rail transport, Siemens Mobility GmbH, has purchased high-performance lightweight components and is once again using them to equip Munich trams with floor panels.

Siemens has been a customer of EFW since 2016, and with these additional trams, around 100 trams with EFW products will soon be on the rails in Munich.

Siemens Mobility, an independently managed company of Siemens AG, has been a leader in the core areas of rolling stock, rail automation and electrification, turnkey systems, intelligent transport systems and related services for more than 160 years.

EFW's long-term experience in aviation has been a perfect basis to adapt and optimize our lightweight products to rail specifications. Siemens Mobility, as EFW's launch customer and at the same time development partner for these optimized sandwich panels with foam core, appreciated the strength of EFW in innovative solutions. The main product requirement focussed on lightweight features, which the EFW panels more than fulfilled. Compared to conventional materials, like aluminium or wood, EFW's floor panels save up to 50% of the weight while maintaining high strength and rigidity. EFW's lightweight rail components are now already on the rails on two continents, in 6 countries and thus in over 500 trams.

About EFW

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) combines various aviation and technology activities under one roof: the development and production of lightweight components for aerostructures and interiors for all Airbus models, the conversion of passenger aircraft into freighters, maintenance and repair services for aircraft of the entire Airbus family, and engineering services related to the certification and approval of aviation products. The company had a turnover of almost EUR 300 million in 2019 and about 1,600 employees.

EFW Composite Solutions is one of the leading specialists for fibre composite components with 30 years of experience in the production of lightweight components. EFW produces over 35,000 components per month with more than 150 different lay-ups. Based on these fibre-reinforced components, EFW offers integrated lightweight solutions for the aerospace and tramway industries. From flat sandwich panels and laminates to interior components and ready-to-install monuments – in the manufacturing of lightweight components we draw on leading technologies and cover the entire value chain from design to after-sales service.


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