MNG Airlines receives second A330P2F freighter from EFW as 20th in new conversion program

Ready for take-off! Number two A330-300P2F for our customer MNG Airlines has been re-delivered and is scheduled for starting commercial operations in the coming days.

During the past 7 month, the EFW team converted the aircraft from a passenger-to-freighter (P2F) solution. With this re-delivery, our A330P2F conversion program also hit another important mark: TC-MCN is the 20th Airbus wide body conversion freighter, which will be up in the skies on its mission for high performance deliveries of air cargo – sustainable and at lower costs compared to other available freighter aircraft types in this size segment.

“I am delighted to receive our second A330-300 aircraft from EFW’s facilities”, said Sedat Özkazanç, General Manager of MNG Airlines. “With TC-MCN we will serve a wide range of customers and routes, both scheduled and charter.” The first conversion freighter of MNG Airlines that is the first Turkish Airline investing in next generation conversion freighter is in operation since end of last year. Since then, it has completed nearly 3.000 flight hours and carried more than 12.000 tons of cargo maintaining a sustainable network between China, Turkey and Europe. Depending on customers’ needs, MNG Airlines is able to carry both express and general cargo.

MNG Airlines plan to increase further its cargo capacity with a focus on customer satisfaction and flight safety with Airbus conversion aircraft. The expansion plans include growing MNGs flight network and increasing cargo capacity with A330-300P2Fs and also due to market demand with A321P2F freighters.



About MNG Airlines

MNG Airlines began operations in 1996 as the only private Turkish company offering international cargo flights to and from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Depending on customers’ needs, MNG Airlines is able to carry both express and general cargo. After 25 years, MNG Airlines occupies a leading and respected position in the industry with a growing fleet and a "customized services" approach focused on quality, trust and unconditional customer satisfaction. MNG Airlines is listed as one of the best A300/A310 operators in the world.

MNG Airlines makes a valuable contribution to the air cargo industry with its customized flight, handling and warehousing services. The company has received an Operational Excellence Award from Airbus six times in the last 15 years for its A300/A300-600 freighter fleet. MNG Airlines currently continues operations with a fleet of 6 Airbus A300-600 and 3 Airbus A330 aircraft.

About EFW

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW), a subsidiary of ST Engineering and Airbus combines various aviation and technology activities under a single roof: development and manufacturing of fibre-reinforced composite components for aircraft structures and interiors of the entire Airbus family, the conversion of passenger aircraft into freighter configuration, maintenance and repair of Airbus aircraft as well as engineering services in the context of certification and approval. The company has a workforce of more than 1,900 employees, achieved revenues of approximately €250 million in 2020 and is on a sustainable course of growth. With over 20 years of experience and more than 40 conversion customers worldwide, thereof the largest Express carriers in North America and Europe but also renowned General Freight and Combination Carriers, EFW is the Centre of Excellence for freighter conversions and driving the development of the Airbus freighter family. For more information about EFW, please visit

About Airbus conversion programs

Like the latest single aisle conversion programs A321P2F and A320P2F, the A330P2F wide body is program a collaboration between ST Engineering, Airbus and EFW, which is leading each overall program as well as marketing & sales efforts. The A330P2F program comes with two variants – the A330-200P2F and A330-300P2F that are both equipped with advanced technology that offer airlines additional operational and economic benefits. The A330-200P2F can carry a gross payload of up to 61 tons of weight to over 7,700 km. The A330-300P2F offers a gross payload of up to 63 tons and a containerized volume of up to ~18,581ft (~526m), which brings a new paradigm of efficiency with 23% more cargo volume than other freighter aircraft in the same class.

To meet the rising demand for freighter conversions, ST Engineering and EFW are setting up further conversion sites and ramp up total conversion capacity for both, single aisle and wide body Airbus P2F programs to about 60 slots in total per year by 2024.

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