Airbus Honours EFW with Supplier Award

April 30, 2019

Airbus honours EFW with the “SQIP Supplier Award” as “Best Performer”. SQIP stands for “Supply Chain & Quality Improvement Plan”,  this programme was started as a joint initiative with Airbus end of 2017. Airbus’ aim is to evolve the performance of the most important suppliers to a higher level in terms of delivery and quality.  EFW was honoured with the highest possible category as “Best Performer” during the SQIP-Day in Hamburg/Finkenwerder at April 1st, 2019.

“We are very proud getting this Award from Airbus. It is an acknowledgment for our excellent quality and outstanding delivery performance we have been showing for the last 25 years each day. Moreover is this Award a huge motivation to develop EFW further to the benefit of our costumers”, says Alexander Korch, Head of EFW’s Component Business.

EFW has been producing for all commercial Airbus aircrafts Interior Parts, Floor Panels and Cargo Linings in Dresden since 1993. Additionally EFW delivers also from its second site in Kodersdorf/Saxony since 2013.



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