New EFW Cabin Cargo Box solution boosts freight capacity of passenger aircraft

July 17, 2020

Media Contact: Anke Lemke, email:, phone: +49 351 8839-2516

EFW, a leading composite and passenger to freighter conversion specialist, has launched a lightweight, robust Cabin Cargo Box for flexible storage concepts. The solution is allowing airlines to boost the cargo capacity in the main cabin to its maximum. If for example, a full cargo composition is applied to an A330-200, a volume of up to 145 m³ and a payload of nearly 19 tons can be shipped with just one flight in addition to the belly capacity. 

With its size of 1 x1 x 1,55 m (40 x 40 x 60 in) the Cabin Cargo Box offers a loading of up to 200 kg (440 lbs) at a tare weight of 28 kg. This specification fits well with all common PAX doors and is applicable for all narrow and widebody aircraft. It allows a side by side in a row principle of three boxes for passenger cabins.

The Cabin Cargo Box movable on wheels offers an easy and fast loading and unloading. It comes with an installation kit with latches designed to perfectly match with the seat rowing system at predefined positions and to ensure a safe and quick installation. The box can be realized as a one side open version locked with nets or as a closed version either by canvas or by a solid door. 

The Cabin Cargo Box solution is an advanced opportunity to implement individual cargo solutions optimized to airlines needs with just minor modifications: flexible and reversible. 

With this solution specific load authorisations can be achieved and the capability of carrying larger and heavy items in the cabin. The solution can be issued with Supplemental Type Certification (STC) when merited, which EFW is authorized to do under its EASA-certified Design Organization Authorization (DOA).

Sales Contact: Christoph Jahn, email:, phone: +49 351 8839-2499


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