Customized Parts

Customized solutions for cabin modifications, refurbishments and upgrades

  • From flat panels to cabin interiors up to fully equipped monuments
  • Designed, certified and manufactured according to customer needs
  • Highest quality and delivery reliability
  • More than 25 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of composite solutions
  • Including all certifications and necessary aviation compliances

Customized Parts

EFW designs, certifies, qualifies and produces individual products according to your needs for cabin modifications, refurbishments and upgrades.

Customized composite solutions

EFW as owner of EASA 21J and 21G certification offers the complete range of solutions for customer specific challenges and needs:

  • Product optimization according to your specifications
  • Certified ready-for-installation products, including installation service-bulletin
  • From flat panels through cabin interior parts up to fully equipped monuments and complete shipsets for cabin mods, refurbishments and upgrades
Approvals & Certificates
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