Lightweight structures

Lightweight structures

Impressive growth in composite component business

Elbe Flugzeugwerke GmbH (EFW) has more than 20 years´ experience in manufacturing of lightweight components. From flat sandwich panels and laminates to a vacuum infiltrated 3D VAP ® component and up to a fully equipped monument - we use leading-edge technologies of lightweight manufacturing.

In the last 10 years EFW‘s component business has grown on average by 10% per year.

EFW´s sandwich components p.a.
EFW´s sandwich components p.a.
Graphic: Heimrich & Hannot GmbH

EFW provides lightweight solutions for

Composite floor panel installation
EFW is 1st Tier supplier for composite Pax and Cargo floor panels and lightweight Cabin interiors for the entire Airbus family. Wherever you fly with an Airbus, you step on floor made in Dresden.
Image courtesy of Airbus SAS
EFW Turn key solutions
Complete value-added chain of composite manufacturing at EFW
Graphic: Heimrich & Hannot GmbH

Turnkey lightweight solutions

EFW covers the entire value added chain of composite manufacturing:

Certified design, production and maintenance organization

DevelopmentEASA.21J.054IMO MSC.307 (88),
Annex 1, Part 3 IMO
MSC/Circ. 1120
ManufacturingDE.21G.0005Covered by DE.21G.0005MED 96/98EC
Modul D
9100/DIN EN
DIN EN 9001DIN EN 9001

Lightweight structures: at a glance

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